Should I Sell My House Now?

Should I sell my house now? That’s a question a lot of people around Kansas City are asking right now as well as a few others. Will my house sell if I list it right now? Are people even buying houses right now? Will I get less money for my house if I try to … Continued

How to Sell Your House Without Cost in Kansas City, Kansas

Are you wanting to sell your Kansas City, Kansas house? Do you want to sell your Kansas City, Kansas House without cost? In this post, we will share with you ways that you can not only save money, but sell without any cost at all.  How to sell your house without cost in Kansas City, … Continued

4 Reasons Why it Pays to Avoid the MLS in Kansas City

There are many reasons why it pays to avoid the MLS when selling your house in Kansas City. Find out if you should list or sell directly in our latest post! When it’s time to sell your house in Kansas City, sellers have a lot of choices. For some sellers, going the traditional route and … Continued

How to sell your house with tenants in Kansas City

How to sell your house with tenants in Kansas City Selling your house with tenants in Kansas City needs to be done ethically. As the landlord one of your responsibilities is to inform them of your decision and what to expect so that you can help make the transition as easy as possible. Sometimes tenants … Continued

sell your kansas city rental home

Sell My Kansas City Rental House

Selling your Kansas City rental house? When you are a landlord more than likely the time will come when you want or need to sell your Kansas City rental house.  When that time comes depending upon your tenants that process might go smooth or become a nightmare. There are usually two types of tenants…affable and … Continued

Sell an Inherited House in Kansas City

Sell an Inherited House in Kansas City Inheriting a house from a loved one can often times be a blessing and an amazing gift or it can be a curse and a burden that you aren’t prepared to deal with. When you inherit a home you have a few different options. You can sell an … Continued

Sell your Kansas City House Fast

Hey, guys. This is Brian with PSR Home Buyers. I just wanted to talk to you real fast about some ways that you can sell your house fast whenever you are ready to sell. Let’s say you’ve decided to put your house on the market and you want to sell it quick, you’re using a…

Should you sell to a we buy houses company?

Should you sell to a we buy houses company?  You’ve probably driven around your neighborhood and seen those “we buy houses” or “we buy ugly houses” signs. Those signs are set out by real estate investors that are trying to buy houses that wouldn’t normally sell on the MLS. Why would they be interested in … Continued

Kansas Foreclosure Process – What You Should Know

The Kansas Foreclosure Process    Foreclosure is a scary word for many people that are struggling to make ends meet. For many people when they are facing the Kansas Foreclosure Process, they are scared and really don’t know what to do. Unfortunately many of these homeowners sit by and just wait to see what will … Continued

Companies That Buy Houses In Kansas City

How many times have you driven around and happened to see a sign that says something like “We Buy Houses”? Sometimes you might see a sign written in Sharpie, other times you might see one that looks a bit more professional and they actually spent some money to have the sign printed. Regardless, what you … Continued

Can I Sell My House to Avoid Foreclosure in Kansas

Sometimes life just gets in the way. We are living a happy life and things are going great then all the sudden it takes an turn for the worse. Maybe we lose our job, we get a divorce, or we have a spouse that dies unexpectedly. Any one of these events can make it impossible … Continued