Should I Sell My House Now?

Should I sell my house now?

That’s a question a lot of people around Kansas City are asking right now as well as a few others.

  • Will my house sell if I list it right now?
  • Are people even buying houses right now?
  • Will I get less money for my house if I try to sell it now?

With the Corona Virus epidemic going on there is a lot of uncertainty. Not just in real estate but in basically every sector of our country. Nobody really knows what’s going on and what to expect from things. So I’ll try to answer the questions above so that hopefully you can make a decision about selling your house during this stressful time.

Most people would probably tell you that selling right now isn’t the greatest idea. In fact as I sit here and write this article the Kansas City government just issued a “stay at home” order for everyone. Most people would see that and instantly think that selling your house right now is a horrible idea. I feel like right now is actually a great time to sell your house, let me explain why.

If you have a house that’s in great shape and is ready to go on the market there are still a ton of buyers looking for great houses. In Kansas City, we still have a housing shortage, just because this virus has shut everything down at the moment that doesn’t mean that people aren’t still looking for a place to live. In fact it’s quiet the opposite. Yesterday I sent a video that I took for a client of mine (I’m also a licensed agent) that is wanting to buy an home, we wrote an offer on it for 7k over the listing price and still didn’t get it. The selling agent told me that she had 6 offers, all at least 5k over asking. The one they accepted was much higher than the offer I wrote. I’ve spoke with numerous agents that have similar stories. Point being-people are still buying and if you have a great house now is still a good time to sell.

What if you need/want to sell but your house needs a lot of work? You might be asking should I sell my house now? The answer to that is also yes. While it’s likely true that putting a house that’s in need of a lot of work on the MLS isn’t the best option, there are a lot of house buying companies like PSR Home Buyers that are still paying cash for houses that need work. Obviously we will have to do things a little different. Maybe we will need you to send some video of your house and some pictures before we can make an offer (normally we like to come out and visit in person) but we are still buying houses. We work with all sorts of clients. People that have a house in HGTV condition that would do better being listed on the MLS and marketed to people looking for something move-in ready, to people that have a house that maybe needs work, or they have a situation where they need to sell for other reasons. Regardless now is still a great time to sell your house.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or email. I’m happy to help. Seriously-I’m not just saying that. Being stuck at home is driving me nuts and I’d love to talk to you and see what I can do to help.



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