Companies That Buy Houses In Kansas City

How many times have you driven around and happened to see a sign that says something like “We Buy Houses”? Sometimes you might see a sign written in Sharpie, other times you might see one that looks a bit more professional and they actually spent some money to have the sign printed. Regardless, what you are seeing is a bandit sign from one of the many companies that buy houses in Kansas City.  You might be wondering when you see these signs exactly what these companies do. Do they buy any house for sale? Do they pay full price? Why are they buying houses? Can they buy my house?

What do companies that buy houses in Kansas City do?

When you see those signs or advertisements, you are seeing a house buying company that is owned by a real estate investor. The goal of many of these companies is to buy a home from a seller that is in a unique situation and may need help selling their house. The investor will try to work with the seller to come up with a solution that will help the seller get rid of their house and still allow the investor to make money on the house. The investor may renovate the home and then sell it on the MLS, or they may take the home and turn it into a rental property that they will keep for years.

Why do people sell to companies that buy houses in Kansas City?

There are numerous reasons a person may decide to sell to one of the companies that buys house in Kansas City. Many of us unfortunately run into unexpected life events that may make it necessary for us to sell our homes. Situations such inheriting a house after the death of a loved one and not needing to hold onto that house any longer. Sometimes a home owner is stuck in a house that is in need of extensive and costly repairs and they don’t want to put their money into the home.

In some situations people buy a new house and they need to sell their current home quickly so that they are not stuck paying two mortgages while they wait for their first home to sell on the MLS.

Some sellers may even be relocating for a new job and because of their sudden need to move they have to get rid of their house quickly.

Regardless of it is one of the situations listed above or the owner is facing some other life event such as a divorce, foreclosure, or even the loss of a job, companies that buy houses in Kansas City can many times offer solutions.

What are the advantages of selling to companies that buy houses in Kansas City?

There are also other reasons sellers decide to work with companies that buy houses in Kansas City when selling their house. Depending on your situation and your needs sometimes selling your home through a real estate agent can be a real hassle. When you use an agent you can typically assume that the sale of the home is going to take a few months. Even if your house sold the day it was listed generally you are looking at 30-45 days before the new owner will take possession. In other cases people may not want to deal with the hassle of having to get their homes ready to be looked at by tons of buyers. When you sell a home using an agent you typically want to do everything you can to get the house ready to sell. Many sellers don’t want to go through the hassle.

Sellers also want to avoid paying the fees that are associated with sales that go through real estate agents. Typically you can assume that you will be paying 6-10% of your sales price in fees. This can really cut into the profit a seller was anticipating on getting from the sale of their home.

While there can be countless reasons a person may need to sell their house one of the biggest reasons people sell their house to companies that buy house in Kansas City is that it cuts out the middle man. You deal directly with the buyer. You get your money quickly, make no repairs on your home, pay no fees and are able to move on with your life.

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